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  1. Jacob wholesale halloween costumes BarkerCorrection appended Not every landlord would Halloween Costumes Outlet accept a tenant who sells rubber dog poop. But despite his eccentric inventory ' or maybe because of it ' Aaro Froese, owner of costume and novelty retailer Gotcha!, is moving into the building at 819 E. Walnut St. where he got his start. "I've always had an affinity for that space because that's where I used to rent costumes out of when I was working for the Nostalgia Shop," Froese said. For uyiyigdsfdsg the past six years, he's been running Gotcha! out of the building at 27 N. Tenth St. That ended Tuesday, when he closed there and began moving into the building on Walnut, doubling the size of his store. The space most recently housed Peggy's Gifts, and before that it was the Nostalgia Shop, where Froese worked from 1989 to 1993 while he was in college. He was in charge of its costume inventory, which was brought out during Halloween. In 1996, he ended up buying out the costume collection and opening his own shop on Ninth Street. After moving to Tenth Street for a while, he's back where he started. "Nothing like taking your costumes for a walk around the block over the last 16 years," Froese said. He recently added to his collection by buying some of Arnie Fagan's weird stuff during longtime novelty-retailer Cool Stuff's recent closure sale. With Fagan ending his longtime proprietorship of that establishment, Froese sees opportunity. "With Cool Stuff closing down, Gotcha!'s always done novelties and jokes and specialty tricks," he said. "We figure this is a great time to expand." This page has been revised to reflect the following correction: SECOND THOUGHTS: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 A Street Talk item Saturday gave the wrong former address for Gotcha! The costume store moved to 819 E. Walnut St. from 27 N. Tenth St.